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Latest Posts

  1. Why I migrated my website from Next.js to Eleventy

    Here's why I switched from Next.js to Eleventy, opting for a lightweight static site approach for my blog site. I describe the benefits, deployment strategies, and the performance results in this blog post.

  2. Routing a Roku Streaming Stick via Tailscale Exit Node

    A simple guide on how to route all the traffic from a TV streaming stick or similar device via a Tailscale Exit Node, making it appear as though it's originating from somewhere else.

  3. Docker healthchecks in distroless Node.js

    Running healthchecks using curl or wget won't work in distroless Docker images. Here's one way to solve the problem in Node.js.

  4. Changing the window title in Visual Studio Code

    Here's a quick tip to change the title of your Visual Studio Code window so it's easy to identify projects at a glance.

  5. Dynamic inventory in Ansible with Hetzner Cloud

    How I manage my Hetzner cloud hosts using Ansible's hcloud dynamic inventory plugin and configure secure connectivity via Tailscale.

  6. Welcome to my new website

    Welcome to my brand new website about self-hosting, home automation & technology in general. See what else I have planned for this site.