Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my brand new website about self-hosting, home automation & technology in general. See what else I have planned for this site.

Well, hello there! Are you new here? Me too - it's my brand new website!

It's not my first website. Over the years I've had personal blogs but I've always struggled to get into a rhythm with them. And of course, I write a lot over on our site Adventurous Way. But this site meant to be something different.

I work on a lot of eclectic things. For instance, I used to work in technology in Silicon Valley, we've spent the last several years living full-time in our RV traveling around the US visiting the National Parks, and now my partner and I are building our own Passive House (by ourselves) in Vermont.

Oftentimes I share the output of what I've achieved, but on this website I want to give a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. Things I'm learning. Mistakes I make. New techniques I discover.

The content I share will be partly for me - a reminder as to how I solved that problem, a knowledge base of useful information. But I hope it might be of use to others too.

It will also be unashamedly technical in nature. The content on Adventurous Way is intended to appeal to the masses - the barrier to entry is low, and while we hope it's educational, it's not supposed to be too specialist. By contrast, on here you should expect to find all the nitty gritty - code samples, technical discussions and detailed information.

The website is also a portfolio for me. By the very nature of self-hosting, oftentimes the product is invisible - consumed only by me and my close friends and family. So here I want to share what I'm doing - hopefully you'll find it interesting, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

I want to cover topics about technology, web development, security, self-hosting, networking and home automation (a big passion of mine). I want to talk about hardware and software, products and open-source libraries. But I also want to stray further afield - into photography, astronomy, woodworking and more.

This is the very beginning. The website, if you're seeing this blog post recently after publishing, is sparse. The design is bare, and many features I want to have are missing. But that's OK.

Join me on this journey as I build out this website, share useful tips, tricks and techniques, and blog about things I find interesting.

I'd love to hear your feedback too. Since I haven't added support for comments to the site yet, feel free to contact me with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

I guess that's it for now... see you soon!