Hello. I'm Matt.

I'm passionate about self-hosted technology, privacy and home automation.

Professionally, I have a experience in executive leadership, product management, software engineering and marketing technology.

Now I am largely focused on building our own high efficiency home in Vermont, incorporating the latest in building science and technology.

Latest Blog Posts

  1. Why I migrated my website from Next.js to Eleventy

    Here's why I switched from Next.js to Eleventy, opting for a lightweight static site approach for my blog site. I describe the benefits, deployment strategies, and the performance results in this blog post.

  2. Routing a Roku Streaming Stick via Tailscale Exit Node

    A simple guide on how to route all the traffic from a TV streaming stick or similar device via a Tailscale Exit Node, making it appear as though it's originating from somewhere else.

  3. Docker healthchecks in distroless Node.js

    Running healthchecks using curl or wget won't work in distroless Docker images. Here's one way to solve the problem in Node.js.